About Augustine

Where School, Family, and Faith Connect

Our Mission

The Augustine Academy is an intentional educational community centered around the spiritual, moral, intellectual, and civic formation of children, partnering with parents to equip young people to thoughtfully engage the world. Our work is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth that we were created to bring glory to God–in mind, heart, and affections–as we creatively join his redemptive work in the world.

Our Values

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Our Statement of Faith

Hybrid Model

The Augustine Academy is a 5 day per week school featuring a blend of classroom and homeschool days designed to cultivate a partnership with parents in their children’s education.

Charlotte Mason Tradition

As an Ambleside Schools International® member, TAA is steeped in Charlotte Mason’s classical, liberal arts educational model – learning through living texts, habit training, a joyful atmosphere, and covering a large scope of disciplines.

Classical Content and Tradition

Academic excellence focused on the good, the true and the beautiful – Christ is the center of all things, including knowledge of His world and joy in discovery.

Disciplines of Study

Our membership with Ambleside Schools International provides rich, rigorous curricular support in Charlotte Mason’s classical, liberal arts educational philosophy. Believing that the mind is nourished with ideas, students at TAA learn primarily through engagement with living texts, across a wide feast of areas.

Our Faculty

Our teachers and administrators receive their work as a calling, joyfully working alongside parents to form children as whole persons. We hire the best and brightest and think you’ll enjoy getting to know them too.